Welcome to Carriage Trade!

Well, we had our Grand Opening Party yesterday along with Georgianna’s Rez Day celebration.  We had a great turn of people across a wide array of communities, horses, artists, and many more.  It was great fun as the horses graciously and happily pulled the human guests around the region in sleighs and carriages.

At the end of the event, we had impromptu races, and made several converts to the equine-fever sweeping the grid.  It’s true, the outside of a horse is good for an avatar’s inner typist.  Of course, the fact we had such good tempered, friendly horses on hand didn’t hurt a bit.

The humans all seemed to have good time, too, skating and dancing and just hanging out. In fact, the party ran over, as good parties always do, and we even had new renters join the community afterward!

Our next event is a casual mixer for interested riders and horses next Wednesday the 29th, at 6 pm SLT.  Please join us then for riding lessons and for jumping practice in preparation for the first Carriage Trade Fox Hunt!  See you then!

◊ Ω Bel Ω ◊

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